Paul Acampora (acampora) wrote,
Paul Acampora

Special Message to my Bristol Friends

Hello friends,
If you grew up in Bristol, it’s possible that my Uncle Tony was your grade school Principal or you’re your teacher. If you went to South Side, Hubbell, Westwoods, Jennings or Ivy Drive, you probably had Mr. Acampora at your school or in your classroom.

Last year, my Uncle Tony was diagnosed with Lou Gherig’s disease. He remains one of the smartest, kindest and funniest people I know. At the same time, his body is behaving badly. Rather than sit around and mope, however, he’s working with the Connecticut Chapter of the A.L.S. Association to help others. If you know my Uncle Tony, this is no surprise. In fact, if you know my Uncle Tony, it’s very likely that he’s helped you out somewhere along the line.

I’m writing to ask you to take a moment to return the favor by clicking the link below to join “Team Acampora” and make a pledge to this year’s A.L.S. walk.

Here’s the link:

Lou Gherig’s disease is not just a physically paralyzing condition. It can also be remarkably frustrating and demoralizing. Your gift will help fight A.L.S, but more important (to me) -- your pledge will make a difference to my Uncle Tony. I didn’t really know much about Lou Gherig’s disease before it hit my family. It certainly was not on my list of problems to solve. But if my Uncle Tony is in, then I’m in. And I hope you’re in too.

Here’s that link again:

Click it now!



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